Children’s Rights

1. The Right to be Warm
–   Pyjamas Please Project

2. The Right to Food
–   School Feeding Scheme
–   Food Parcels

3. The Right to be Educated
–   Stationery Drive

4. The Right to be Safe
–   Holiday Care

5. The Right to be Unharmed
–   Families in Crisis
–   Sexual Offenders Registry
–   Child Abuse Awareness Programme
–   Child Abuse Training
–   Child Abuse Enquiries

R350 can save a child

We want this to be a sustainable project. It must be a safe place for anyone to phone and get help.

For every R350 we receive we are able to take on a new case.

For every donation we receive we are able to continue for another month. Each month another child may be saved.

Currently we need R30 000 per month to sustain this project.

Your donation will help us to make this a long term reality. Tax Certificates and BBBEE documentation available for all donations.

Donate via EFT:
Just Us 4 Children: 622 6940 6362
FNB, Durban North, 220 426

If you know anyone else who could help, please tell them about it.

If you have questions please contact me: 083 788 6999 or

Thank you, on behalf of children everywhere.

Child abuse enquiries

Police statistics show that in a period of one year from 2011 to 2012:

  • 50 688 children were victims of violent crime in South Africa (reported crimes ONLY).
  • 758 children were victims of attempted murder. (±2 per day)
  • 793 children were murdered. (±2 per day)
  • 10,630 children were victims of assault and with grievous bodily harm. (±29 per day)
  • 12,645 children were victims of common assault. (±34 per day)
  • 25,862 children were victims of sexual offences against them. (±70 per day)

1 in every 5 incidents of sexual abuse happened in schools. One third of the people who raped children were teachers.

Approximately 1 in every 4 children had experienced some form of physical punishment (smacking/corporal punishment).

15% of all learners experienced some form of violence while at school (based on a 2008 study) IN school. This is perpetrated by other children in the school of the same age (peers), older children, or adults in the school (eg: teachers).

There are three major types of violence that children experience in schools: sexual violence, corporal punishment, and bullying.

Why people don’t report

Many crimes against children, especially violent crimes, are not always reported to the police. There are many reasons for violent crime not being reported but often it is because:

  1. The child is too young to report the crime (or tell someone what happened).
  2. Children are afraid to speak up because they fear the criminal.
  3. Police departments and/or welfare departments short staffed which could lead to cases not being addressed.
  4. Child abuse cases can, in some instances, require specialised skill, which is not always available within Government Departments leading to cases not being managed correctly.

How Just Us 4 Children is helping

Just Us 4 Children have begun a new pilot project in order to address this specific need and assist with:

  • Specialised investigation into allegations of child abuse.
  • Telephonic advice and assistance to members of the public.
  • Reporting facility where teachers, parents, concerned citizens or victims can report suspected abuse.

Through a specific funding we have been to run this project on a pilot basis for 6 months which will end at the end of July 2016.

In the 4 months since the project started we have taken on 10 cases in KZN and have been able to remove the direct threat in 7 of these cases.

Nature of Allegation Victim’s Ages Victim’s Gender No. of Victims Relationship of Perpetrator to Victims Progress
Grooming; Sexual Assault; Rape; Sexual Exploitation 12 to 16 Female 12 Principal and Learners Ongoing
Grooming; Gentle Rape; Sexual Assault; Creation of Child Pornography 8 – 14 Male Unknown Psychologist and Patients Ongoing
Grooming; Creation of Child Pornography Unknown Female Unknown No significant relationship until grooming Threat removed
Closed, left South Africa
Sexual Exploitation 13 Female 1 Mother’s Boyfriend Ongoing
Gross Sexual Assault; Rape; Torture 8 – 13 Female 1 Step Father Threat removed
In court
Physical Assault 9 Female 1 Mother’s Boyfriend Threat removed
Suspect arrested and detained
Child Prostitution and Rape 15 Female 1 “Boyfriend” Threat removed
Placed in safe place and referred to Welfare
Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse 4; 12; 15 Female 3 Parents Threat removed
Placed in safe place and referred to Welfare
Exploitation and Child Runaway 15 Female 1 Father Threat removed
Placed with family and further assistance being sourced for schooling etc.
Physical Assault Various Various Various Cleaner at school and learners Threat removed
Evidence handed to school and cleaner dismissed

Help fight child abuse – our children need us.

Fighting child abuse together, for a better, safer tomorrow.

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment.
We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.” Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa