Children’s Rights

1. The Right to be Warm
–   Pyjamas Please Project

2. The Right to Food
–   School Feeding Scheme
–   Food Parcels

3. The Right to be Educated
–   Stationery Drive

4. The Right to be Safe
–   Holiday Care

5. The Right to be Unharmed
–   Families in Crisis
–   Sexual Offenders Registry
–   Child Abuse Awareness Programme
–   Child Abuse Training
–   Child Abuse Enquiries

What we stand for

Just Us 4 Children is a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation based in Durban.

The organisation consists solely of volunteers with the objectives of:

  1. Identifying and assisting children who are the victims of any form of abuse whether intentional (sexual, physical, emotional or neglect) or unintentional (eg: neglect due to poverty).
  2. Identifying and implementing support measures to alleviate the effects of abuse on a day to day basis and reduce the long term effects of abuse.

We exist because child abuse is on the rise and many parents, teachers and care-givers in South Africa are not equipped to identify child abuse nor do they have the resources or education necessary to assist a victim of abuse. As a result, many children do not have anywhere to turn or do not know that they are being abused.

Our sole objective of raising funds is to provide holistic solutions for prevention, intervention and assistance for all children who have been or will be affected by abuse.

Organisation details

Registration Number: 2010 / 015044 / 08
NPO Number: 087-938NPO
Sec 21 Registration: 9373 / 957 / 16 / 7

Click to download:

  1. Constitution
  2. NPO Certificate

BBEEE Scoring
We are able to provide the relevant documentation required by your BBEEE Rating Agency for your Score Cards for Social Investment.

Help fight child abuse – our children need us.

Fighting child abuse together, for a better, safer tomorrow.

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment.
We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.” Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa