Children’s Rights

1. The Right to be Warm
–   Pyjamas Please Project

2. The Right to Food
–   School Feeding Scheme
–   Food Parcels

3. The Right to be Educated
–   Stationery Drive

4. The Right to be Safe
–   Holiday Care

5. The Right to be Unharmed
–   Families in Crisis
–   Sexual Offenders Registry
–   Child Abuse Awareness Programme
–   Child Abuse Training
–   Child Abuse Enquiries

How we help children & how you can too

The Right to be Warm

Winter – Pyjamas Please Project
Pyjamas, blankets and warm clothing are collected, made and bought for distribution to needy children throughout KZN who do not have warm clothing to see them through winter.

The Right to Food

School Feeding Scheme
This new project has been implemented in a school where 40-60% of children are not eating on a regular basis. Currently we are feeding 14 children breakfast and lunch but from 2012, we intend to increase this number (in line with food donations).

Food Parcels
As phase 2 of the Feeding Scheme, we’d like to provide regular food parcels to needy families at the school. We intend to duplicate this project in as many schools in KZN as possible.

The Right to be Educated

Stationery Drive
This project is run annually for school children who are unable to afford stationery, thereby hindering their education through a lack of tools and resources.

The Right to be Safe

Holiday Care
Just Us 4 Children, in conjunction with Scripture Union, provide a free holiday clinic to children living in the Point area as and when affordable. To date we have held clinics during the 2010 World Cup holiday and the April 2011 holidays as they ensure that children have an alternative to playing on the streets of Durban.

The Right to be Unharmed

Child Abuse Awareness Programme
Just Us 4 Children implements a Child Abuse Awareness Programme (funding dependent) within schools severely affected by all forms of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect). Many children do not know what abuse is, and accept it as a normal way of life. We provide the support system to enable children, parents and teachers to report abuse, receive support via counselling or abuse crisis management and ongoing support to reduce the effects of abuse on a child and/or family.

Child Abuse Enquiries
We also perform abuse enquiries in situations where a child is being abused by a parent or care-giver.

Book Sales
Just Us 4 Children is collecting secondhand books and will be holding a book sale outside Broadway Pharmacy on the the last Saturday of every month except: 09h00 – 14h30.

Help fight child abuse – our children need us.

Fighting child abuse together, for a better, safer tomorrow.

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment.
We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.” Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa